Auto Detailing from Claysville, Pennsylvania

With almost a decade of experience, Girly Girlz Detailing in Claysville, Pennsylvania, offers affordable auto detailing for cars, trucks, and motorcycles. We offer several detailing services, and our knowledgeable staff is ready to answers all of your questions.

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Detailed Exterior & Interior Cleaning
At Girly Girlz Detailing, we offer customized auto detailing services and window tinting. Give your vehicle the beautiful show-quality appearance you want with our help today. Let us preserve the value of your vehicle with a total detailing job.

Personal Touch
This business began after sisters Brandy and Jacie Bedillion spent years learning the techniques and methods needed to give a vehicle the absolute perfect show vehicle look. As a family-operated business owned by women, we pride ourselves on our eye for detail and flexible service list.

Price List:

• Wash Car $12 Truck $18
• Windows $8
• Windows, Vacuum, Dust Car $12 Truck $18
• Windows, Wash, Vacuum, Dust Car $22 Truck $34
• Full Detail (includes Wax, Wash, Wheels, Buff, Interior,
   Vacuum, Shampoo, Windows, Vents, Leather Cleaner & 
   Conditioner, Mats, Seats, Door Jambs) $130$150
• Interior Detail (includes Windows, Vacuum, Dust, Vents,
   Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, Door Jambs) $80–$95
• Exterior Detail (includes Wash, Buff, Wheels, Tire Shine) $70–$90
• Wash, Hand Wax, Wheels, Tire Shine $45–$65
• Wash, Buff, Wheels, Tire Shine $70–$90
• Motor Bikes Detailing $65–$85

Offer, Auto Detailing in Claysville, PA

Contact us in Claysville, Pennsylvania, and discover great deals on our auto detailing services today.